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Are You Being Burned by the

Client Under-Service Gap?

Strategic Financial Planning For Business Owners

Turn Business Complexity Into Opportunity

As a business owner, you know how complex the intersection of taxes, allocating capital inside your business, doing strategic financial planning, and estate planning for you and your family can be.  You may know the frustration of achieving breakthroughs in growth only to see taxes produce a smaller-than-expected net profit. You also may know instinctively that your advisors aren’t understanding the complexity of your entire financial operation.

Many financial advisors and CPAs are skilled at helping people invest assets and file their taxes correctly and on time. They are busy and they might even do this by applying standardized rules of thumb and processes no matter the uniqueness of your situation. While this technique helps them take care of an “average” client, it can create inefficiencies for business owners and highly affluent people when their situation isn’t “average,” when their needs have significant complexity.

A more successful approach may be to embrace the complexities of your financial life by utilizing a team of experts devoted to helping you attain your goals. Watch the video to see how this approach can work for successful business owners.


Financial and tax specialization is a bit like medical specialization – the expertise people need is spread out among many experts. When you have a specific issue, you probably are going to prefer the expert with deep experience.

Your business and financial life are no different. The specific risks and opportunities faced by your business as well as the mix of issues for personal financial and philanthropic planning always create a unique situation requiring custom solutions . There is no off-the-shelf solution. How likely are standard rules of thumb and formulas to produce optimal results in light of your unique circumstances?

Embrace Your Complexity! Meet Your Goals by Using Multiple Specialists with Expertise in the Specifics of Your Financial Life

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➥  Many financial advisors and CPAs lack the training or the time - or both - to unlock the uniqueness of your situation.

➥  Expertise is spread out and siloed in sometimes tiny niches. It’s difficult for a business owner or a family to find the professionals they need on their own.

➥ A Team of Experts Planning process, customized to your unique needs, may unlock wealth-building opportunities that are hidden beneath the surface of your financial life.

Palmerston Group Assembles Teams Of Experts For Our Clients

Can Team Of Experts Planning Help You?

  1. Every business owner, family, and individual has a unique set of complexities. Experts should be brought together in response to that uniqueness.
  2. True optimization and effectiveness requires not only expertise, but also  a deep understanding of your “why.”
  3. Palmerston Group Advisors are experts at expertise and create customized Teams of Experts based on in-depth engagement with our clients.

Team of Experts Planning as a Financial Planning Strategy

Because expertise is dispersed and siloed, and

Because scattered expertise is the key upfront problem that needs to be solved,

Team of Experts Planning begins with a process for identifying the specific types of expert advice a client needs – and then bringing the different strands of financial planning expertise together.

When Team of Experts Planning brings independent expertise together, the prospects for comprehensive, customized solutions improve. The creation of a unique team of collaborating experts is intended to overcome all three challenges.

Read more about the Fiduciary Rule and what it entails.

If there’s complexity, practicing collaboration and tapping into diverse sources of expertise is how financial planning can add real value for you.

Is Collaboration Your Missing Ingredient?

You CAN get what you want out of financial planning services. If your situation is unique or complex, our Team of Experts Planning approach may be right for you.

The best way we can start to help you is with a complimentary assessment: Please click here.

We help business owners just like you and families just like yours harness the numerous and diverse kinds of expertise they need, by building and leading customized virtual teams of experts on their behalf. 

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Schedule a time with us today and get started on your journey to better financial planning.