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Are You Being Burned by the

Client Under-Service Gap?

Underserving Clients: The Case of Multigenerational Wealth Planning

Extraordinary Wealth Requires Planning Beyond The Ordinary

For the wealthy individual or business owner, questions of legacy, stewardship, and taking care of the next generation usually take on increasing importance. Multigenerational wealth planning requires not only advice for growing investment holdings and wealth concentrated in private illiquid businesses or other assets, but also implementing strategies for managing risk and the tax liabilities of growing numbers of people, and balancing the priorities of maintaining your financial freedom of action with empowering loved ones and even future generations to make their own distinctive contributions.

Like other areas of advanced planning, comprehensive solutions require pulling together a wide array of different kinds of expertise. It also appears that all too often, this isn’t happening.


People love to give back. For many, being significant in the lives of others is a way of life. Whether you’re doing your own financial planning or working with advisors, here’s a key takeaway: financial planning can maximize your potential to give back. 

If giving back is important to you, teaching friends and loved ones key principles of wealth management and financial planning empowers them to do the same. Educate and encourage them with your knowledge. Here are six important topics of financial planning and wealth management literacy where sharing your knowledge can improve lives.

Embrace Your Complexity! Meet Your Goals by Using Multiple Specialists with Expertise in the Specifics of Your Financial Life

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➥  Only 1% of survey respondents reported receiving business succession planning advice, despite the fact that many affluent people are entrepreneurs

➥  Although 83% of clients wanted advice on loan and credit management, only 3% actually received it

➥ Wealth transfer advice, desired by 96% of those surveyed, was received by only 24% of them

Team of Experts Planning: Discovering And Leveraging Client Complexity

Many traditional financial advisors and CPAs rely on internal firm resources, and consequently, a one-size-fits-all model results – when, actually, multigenerational planning needs to draw from a variety of independent experts. Rather than trying to shoehorn your complexity into a pre-existing mold, your complexity should be leveraged to achieve more efficient results. Using your complexity to assemble the team of specialists you need may offer a better way to achieve multigenerational goals.

Palmerston Group’s Team of Experts Planning focuses on discovering the financial complexity inherent in your success and helping you benefit from it. If you think harnessing complexity is worth exploring, please reach out to us today.

Schedule a time with us today and get started on your journey to better financial planning.