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Significant Wealth + Complexity = Pulling Together

Multiple Independent Experts

If you're like our clients:  

  • You worked and sacrificed to get where you are - or someone close to you did.
  • Your financial success is unique and optimizing planning across a variety of knowledge areas makes sense.
  • You want a planning partner for the long term - a proactive team that understands you and your life goals in depth.

It’s a burden when the experts you need are scattered and everything continually falls on you.

But when the right team is created and working collaboratively, both the benefits and time saved for what’s really important can be game-changing.

It’s always a good time to explore how our Team of Experts Planning can benefit you.

Put Team of Experts Planning to Work for You. 

Start Here

We help you master complex wealth and liberate your time.

Wealth plus strong planning equals options.

However you define living your best, most significant life, we think the time to live it is always now.

The Palmerston Principle:

Maximize Expertise AND Client Value by Building Customized Teams of Independent Specialists. 

If there’s complexity, practicing collaboration and tapping into diverse sources of expertise is how financial planning can add real value for you. Palmerston is a firm dedicated to the “Team of Experts" planning approach. 

When High Taxes, Complexity and Risk Are Persistent Challenges, Expertise is Power.

We help liberate significantly more time for what’s most important in life - through an advisory relationship that empowers you.

Ready to get started?

The first step is a friendly conversation to explore if we and Team of Experts Planning can help.


Our calls are always easygoing and informal. There's no selling.

photo of Peter Gellman

Peter Gellman

Peter Gellman is the Managing Member of Palmerston Group Advisors, L.L.C. Founded in 1997, Palmerston Group provides independent, unbiased financial and investment advisory services based on fundamental analysis and margin of safety principles.

Peter Gellman has worked as a teacher, analyst, and advisor. Before starting Palmerston, he taught at Oxford as a member of its international relations faculty, as well as at Princeton, where he was Research Fellow and Lecturer in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. He holds a law degree as well as a Ph.D. in international relations.