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Are You Being Burned by the

Client Under-Service Gap?

Advanced Financial Planning

Non-Market Assets Require Dedicated Planning

Business owners and affluent families often have financial planning needs that are much more complex than the standard planner’s agenda of investing and saving for retirement. A growing business has many moving parts, and with growing success often comes greater opportunities, tax liabilities, and challenges in preserving wealth.

The complexities of a growing business and family wealth management demand highly-targeted advice and planning. Unfortunately, research indicates that many clients are underserved on key issues by their current advising teams. A chief cause of this underservice gap may be related to traditional advisor business models, which are ill-equipped to process the complexities faced by many affluent people. Real customization seems to happen a lot less often than you might expect.


In America today, tax policy is a matter of ongoing dispute between the two major parties. Differences about the goals and degree of taxation are everywhere you look in American politics at the federal, state, and local levels. And these disputes are unlikely to be resolved any time soon.

And the differences are getting starker.

Embrace Your Complexity! Meet Your Goals by Using Multiple Specialists with Expertise in the Specifics of Your Financial Life

Read "Politics, Taxes, and Planning."

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➥  76% of investors surveyed expected real estate advice from their advisors, but only  3% reported receiving it.

➥  Trust services were expected by 94% of those surveyed, but only 10% of them actually received those services.

➥ While 92% of respondents expected to receive tax planning advice from their current advisors, only 25% reported receiving it.

Tackling Advanced Planning Utilizing A Team Of Experts

Customization is difficult because it often requires drawing on a wide range of knowledge. The experts who possess the pieces of knowledge required for your situation usually are scattered. They don’t work at the same firm. They need to be brought together. You need a process that addresses your particular complexity, that brings together all the experts that you need.

Here’s the barrier: Your unique combination of issues needs to be determined before the planning can fully begin. But financial planning and CPA firms are built for their own efficiencies, and that means concentrating on their own core competencies - things like compliance work for the CPAs, or asset allocation and retirement planning for financial advisors. These firms generally don’t invest outside those core competencies, because they can’t afford to employ all the possible different specialists that you may need. Your one-of-a-kind situation needs to be assessed first, so that the right combination of experts can then be assembled.  Your needs can be in tension with how these firms tend to operate. 

In contrast, creating a team of independent advisors in response to a unique set of facts and aspirations eliminates the one-size-fits-all problem. There’s a collaboration among experts, each with extensive experience in an area important to your case. It’s our belief that Team of Experts Planning provides a sensible strategy for more fully identifying both opportunities and risks. Planning at this granular, personalized level can improve the chance for real customization.

If you are interested in how exploring Team of Experts Planning might be helpful to you, please reach out to us today.

If there’s complexity, practicing collaboration and tapping into diverse sources of expertise is how financial planning can add real value for you.

What does your financial planning strategy need?

You CAN get what you want out of financial planning services. If your situation is unique or complex, our Team of Experts Planning approach may be right for you.

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