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Financial Planning and Wealth Management for Business Owners with Complexity

Building our "Expertise About Experts" improves our ability to serve clients.

We exist to help people.

Our approach almost always is:

1. Understand the client situation and its unique combination of complex factors.

2. Bring together the relevant experts and expertise.

Our clients sometimes think of our work as specializing in their unique situations. But we really specialize in thinking about and responding to complexity.

We cover a lot of ground in planning and wealth management. Precisely because we focus on building our expertise about experts and building vibrant networks of independent experts.

So very often, our answer is...

Yes, We Do That.

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The Background

But it’s also important to understand why clients experience an advice gap when it comes to keeping their money.

When wealth reaches a certain point, preventing its depletion by heavy taxation is the big issue. And this often gets less attention than it should because it’s harder, more complex work that lies outside the comfort zone of many financial advisors and CPAs.

Financial advisors tend to concentrate heavily on investing, that is, on growing money. They often tend to emphasize their investment focus, something that’s clearly critical. It’s what they know, and it requires time to build and maintain that expertise.

That bias to go deeper and deeper into investing topics comes at the cost of time which might be better allocated to specialized planning focused on keeping money.

The CPA, whose focus is on the tax code, where many planning strategies are possible, often has a different problem: not enough time.

Even top CPAs work exceptionally long hours doing all the necessary tax filings and financial reports for all their clients. Often, they lack the time to perform proactive research and planning which their top clients need.

We believe a team-based approach, that includes proactive CPAs, can help  to overcome the keeping money advice gap.