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Business Owner Financial Planning and Wealth Management

Advanced planning strategies - including business entity planning - frequently become at least as important as investment and portfolio management.

Palmerston Group utilizes a “Team of Experts” process to serve successful business owners: 

1. Dive deeply into the specific, unique situation, issues, and aspirations - personal and business - of the business owner.

2. In response, design a collaborative team of independent, experienced specialists. Each specialist is a leader in a specific niche highly relevant to the business owner.


Generalists often are a mile wide and an inch deep. Experts frequently are an inch wide and a mile deep. Together, a "Team of Experts" has the potential to create deeper, more comprehensive solutions for the business owner.


The Background

Many business owners are achieving fantastic operational results. They are growing their companies’ pre-tax profits, hiring more people, and leading their companies to the next level of accomplishment. Yet they might not be as successful when it comes maximizing their companies’ after-tax profits.

Taxes: High marginal tax rates and keeping money become the big issues when wealth and the free cash flow of a business reach a certain point. 

Advanced planning strategies: These include business entity planning and frequently become at least as important as investment and portfolio management. 

Palmerston’s proactive planning focuses on the interrelationship of the activities of

  • Growing money
  • Keeping money
  • Leaving money for loved ones and philanthropy

Big Returns: Many business owners understand that good planning can yield big returns on their invested time – sometimes much more quickly and efficiently than either a new investment or a new product or service offering by their company. 

Growing money through sound investing is always an essential part of the picture, and it’s definitely part of our process.   But for business owners, growing wealth is simply not enough. Doing a better job of keeping more of their hard-earned money is a top priority.