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If you've landed on this "behind the curtain" page.... WELCOME!

Five Hidden Gems 

The following five items all contain potentially actionable ideas and perspectives from some very intelligent people. Please let us know what you think or reach back if you’d like to have a conversation.

Roth IRA conversions

Roth IRA conversions are an increasingly important planning option for high net worth and ultra high net worth families. There are always multiple considerations to evaluate, but the opportunity to grow capital tax-free over decades and distribute it tax-free to oneself and potentially tax-free to beneficiaries can be one of the best tools in the tax code if the circumstances are right.

This article by two CPAs is a good crib sheet for when you discuss Roth conversions with your advisors. 

[Link to article]

What’s the Right Way to Think About Risk?

Is the dominant view of risk accepted and propagated by much of Wall St hazardous to your financial health? That’s the view of Warren Buffett.

[Link to video]

Can (Expensive) Permanent Life Insurance Make Sense?

Permanent life insurance, both the whole life and universal life flavors, is much costlier than term life insurance, and, in many instances, buying it is an expensive mistake.

But if someone is enjoying considerable financial success, permanent life insurance potentially can provide many tax planning and wealth accumulation advantages. Doing a careful assessment makes sense. Ed Slott is a CPA and an expert on taxation, IRAs and retirement planning. He doesn’t sell insurance. But he makes a strong case for permanent insurance under certain circumstances. Here’s a link to YouTube and a transcript of some of his main points.

[Link to video]

CPAs Tend to Be Reactive Rather than Proactive: Why That Can Be a Problem

A talk many years ago about the future of the CPA profession sounds remote, but it’s actually a really good roadmap for assessing whether you’re receiving forward-looking advice from your CPA. Working with strategy-focused CPAs is part of our Team of Experts Planning approach, and it could be critical to successful tax planning and wealth management. [Link to video]

Father and Son: Two Talented But Very Different Investors

If you’re interested in learning more about how some great investors think, this is a terrific article. Two talented but very different investors, father and son, long-time value investor, and younger venture capital startup investor, engage about the art of successful investing. It’s an exceptionally good conversation about how to allocate capital effectively over the long term, and the reader gets to listen in.

[Link to video]