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Trust Is Everything

More often than not, a client considers the CPA the first, most trusted advisor.

Unfortunately, “most trusted” is a relative term, and the extent of the trust may not reach beyond the technical expertise - in other words, allowing the CPA to do a tax return or prepare financial statements. Even in the best case, when a CPA has a very clear understanding of the sophisticated solutions a top client requires, the limited reach of client trust in the CPA makes it difficult to provide what a top client genuinely needs.

When CPAs fail to earn adequate trust, they are incapable of serving their best clients properly.

CPA Trust Unlimited incorporates a leadership and relationship development training process. It helps CPAs build deeper, more secure relationships with their best clients BEFORE the CPA ever undertakes an innovative solution on the client’s behalf.

Only when a client is totally confident that her CPA cares deeply about her and her life and her dreams will that client trust the CPA enough to embrace the benefits of the sophisticated planning which a great CPA can make happen.

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