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The "A" Client Problem

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Many CPAs have both an 80/20 rule and an “A” client challenge. 

Those best "A" clients are high-net-worth individuals, executives, and business owners.

A CPA’s top clients typically and regularly break through to the next level of success. And with each level of success comes:

  • Greater income and tax exposure
  • Larger estates to protect
  • More key employees to nurture and incentivize
  • More and more financial and business issues which require a fresh comprehensive planning review

These "A" clients need expert guidance and service from a wide variety of top specialists - and they need the CPA as their trusted advisor to quarterback everything.

But many CPAs fail to do just that. For a variety of reasons, especially the reality that even top CPAs are very busy and spend 80% of their time with their non-"A" clients, top CPAs are too focused elsewhere to deliver the kind of solutions that their best clients need.

Under the status quo model, the CPA does not have enough time.

So the CPA is at risk of losing those most valuable "A" clients. 

It takes top clients only one conversation with one friend or acquaintance to discover that good planning solutions exist and that their CPA didn’t tell them. And then those "A" clients leave. Forever.

CPA Trust Unlimited helps CPAs reduce this threat and turn their top clients into an engine of growth and opportunity.

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