Financial & Investment Strategies
Built for the long term Using Margin of Safety Principles

Do You Have a Financial Strategy ?

Do you have a comprehensive plan that will take you where you want to go?

Learning as an investment method

Palmerston Group Advisors’ market niche is based on watching and learning

Margin of safety

A client needs to know why a margin of safety approach can make sense.

Risk Management

The margin of safety investing approach represents one perspective in a “great debate”

A Second Opinion

How much are sound financial and investment choices worth over a lifetime?

Palmerston Group — Financial Planning and Wealth Management Using Margin of Safety Principles

Palmerston Group Advisors, L.L.C. provides independent,financial strategy and investment management services to individuals, families, and institutions. Palmerston’s services are built around the Margin of Safety, an investment philosophy dedicated to reducing risk to invested capital while seeking long-term wealth appreciation. Risk management at Palmerston Group consequently utilizes methods developed by some of the world’s leading margin of safety practitioners (and therefore differs from many other wealth managers, financial planners and advisors). Please contact Palmerston.

Palmerston Group Advisors, L.L.C. is based in New Jersey and registered as an investment advisor with the N.J. Bureau of Securities. Please read our Disclosure.

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Operating Principles

  • 01Loyalty is Earned

    We strive to earn our clients’ loyalty by providing good advice and by being professional, available, discreet, attentive, and creatively responsive to their financial planning needs and objectives…>>

  • 02Independent, Unbiased Advice Aligned With the Client

    There is always one overriding question: What is in the client’s best interest? Palmerston Group is a fee and commission firm. For many years, Palmerston was a fee-only firm, …>>

  • 03Beyond Asset Allocation

    A long-term focus requires going beyond asset allocation (where some financial planners focus too much) and applying an equally strategic and rigorous perspective to the selection…>>

  • 04A Well-Informed Client Tends to Make Better Decisions

    The financial advisor’s job is to help equip a client to make sound choices. Listening, asking focused questions, doing careful research, and exploring alternatives are the key elements of an effective …>>

  • 05Yes to Diversification, But Through Proven Performers

    Past performance is never a guarantee of future results, but long-term portfolio management success is an excellent first filter. Very, very few investment managers outperform the market…>>

  • 06Patient Investing

    Weathering market upheaval is part of successful wealth management. Unreasonable pessimism in the market creates opportunity. Ability to outlast such undue pessimism…>>

  • 07Saying We Don’t Know When We Don’t Know

    There are no such things as a bad question or a monopoly of wisdom. If an answer is not immediately at hand, we say so, and then do our best to get it. Getting an investment…>>