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About Palmerston Group Advisors

Peter Gellman is the Managing Member of Palmerston Group Advisors, L.L.C. Founded in 1997, Palmerston Group provides independent, unbiased financial and investment advisory services based on fundamental analysis and margin of safety principles.

Peter Gellman has worked as a teacher, analyst, and advisor. Before starting Palmerston, he taught at Oxford as a member of its international relations faculty, as well as at Princeton, where he was Research Fellow and Lecturer in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. He holds a law degree as well as a Ph.D. in international relations.

ABOUT CPA Trust Unlimited

CPA Trust Unlimited is a service of Palmerston Group Advisors. Over the years, it became clear that CPAs are uniquely suited to play the role of trusted advisor when it comes to providing comprehensive planning and administrative services to affluent individuals, families, and business owners-and equally clear that these best clients desperately want their CPAs to play that quarterback role.

But traditional CPA practice models consume the CPA’s time in unproductive ways. CPAs often can’t focus enough to build the trusted advisory relationships or to deliver the highly specialized services top clients need. Those clients are a step away from leaving and the traditional model is riddled with inefficiencies and risk.

CPA Trust Unlimited frees CPAs to focus on their best clients. We have done extensive work to create a deep team of outstanding independent experts who cover critical niches of the tax code, and we deliver that team’s extensive knowledge directly to the CPA. The CPA oversees everything; ideally, the relationship with the client should never leave the CPA’s hands.

Even more important, we help CPAs access expertise and continuing education in areas such as leadership and relationship training. It is the strength of the CPA-client relationship which earns the CPA the permission to deploy all these valuable skills on behalf of the client. Building trust first is an essential part of the strategic process and it is why we called the service CPA Trust Unlimited.