A Second Opinion


A Second Opinion

How much are the right financial and investment choices worth over a lifetime? How much do the wrong choices cost? Are you ready to consider using unbiased, long-term advisory services to help navigate these decisions?

Do you have concerns and desire a no-obligation consultation about a financial plan, an investment portfolio, an IRA or Roth IRA, 401k, 403b, SEP, setting up a defined benefit or defined contribution plan, investing an inheritance, using managed accounts or about a similar issue? A second opinion can provide perspective and a clearer picture. Sometimes the most important asset is a fresh look at an existing financial or investment situation. Palmerston Group is happy to act as a sounding board, and provide an independent, unbiased, second look. Please contact Palmerston Group for further information.

We do think there is a better way, and this website tries to explain the hows and whys. Well-informed clients tend to make superior use of advisory services, so this website provides detailed explanations for visitors who are interested. Palmerston Group provides long-range wealth management solutions that stress patience, safety, and the avoidance of speculation. Please take a few minutes to explore the site when it’s convenient for you.

A client’s best interest is our focus. There is never any cost or obligation unless someone decides to become a client and signs an agreement. And should a Palmerston second opinion lead to a referral or even a new client, well, that’s fine too. Please contact Palmerston Group for further information.